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The Freedom Experiment

Defying Reality

In order for me to explain the experiment you need some basic background on what I am talking about. If this makes no sense then you are not ready.

You can’t control the mind, the mind is not YOU. In a SENSE the mind is separate from you.

Something interesting is because of this you can trick your mind. You can, instead of it running YOUR LIFE, you can trick it. How? Beliefs.

Beliefs are VERY powerful to the mind. Belief is second to Attention in the power of totality.

You gain beliefs in many different ways, conditioning as well as the minds interaction with feelings which creates very subtle beliefs. Beliefs about YOU, beliefs about others, beliefs about every THING.

You can however trick your mind, creating new beliefs. The “problem” with all the beliefs you’ve attached to YOU and the subtilty of some, is that you may not be aware they exist, and they can manifest through many different ways.

Most commonly they manifest through feelings. Feelings about yourself, others and about every THING. Which in turn generate thoughts. Those thoughts are then overlaid with judgements which arise from your beliefs (judgments are not themselves beliefs they are tied to specific objects). It is like a blending of the three, it happens quicker than you could time, it is before time.

That is enough to understand why the following experiment will allow you to Defy, bend, alter, modify, whatever you want to call it, of your reality. It can unlock learning and understanding of ANY THING.