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The Power of Perspective


It’s only a shift, a movement.

There’s pieces of nothing along the way for you to see. The intent, judgement, and purview of THINGS.

Are you compelled? Or are you BEING compelled?

You as in and of what? THE mind? THE thoughts? THE things?

Do you think with intent? Do you speak with intent?

You can only be one place, ever, and that is here.

How do you perceive things to be?

  • Words?
  • Movement?
  • Good?
  • Bad?

What do those mean to you, what do you believe about those things?

Where are you looking from? Who is doing the looking?

Are you separate from life? What realm do you belong?

You have been here all along.

Don’t worry you’re not going anywhere, there is no where to be.

What are you compelled toward what is pulling you in, If it’s not for you, then that is it.

Do you see? Turn in-ward. You’re always looking out, it’s time to look in, but not with your eyes, and not at your body, use your attention.

Your problems won’t be solved, they are no longer yours to own. What do you own? Anything at all?