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There is a Space in all of us…

There is a space in every living being. A space between the being and the mind.

This space is not what you conceptually think of as space, between here or there, there is space with no space.

You can only feel your way into this space, and seeing the space is not with your eyes and not with your mind. The space is not a thing, it’s not something you obtain, it’s something that you are.

It is your inner being, your “true self”

Take a step back, if not for a second. This space is like a perspective, but it’s not. It does not see right or wrong but it is loving. It feels like love, it’s buzzing. It sees the true beauty in everything, anything and nothing.

That beauty isn’t what you think as some-thing beautiful, it is beauty itself.

This doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain or loss. Eventually the mind is there in the background and only comes forth when required.

Your mind is a useful tool but most people let it run their lives with stories, things, fear of the future loathing over the ‘past’.

Only in the story is there time, life is unfolding before YOU. BEFORE YOU.

The few ways you can overcome the minds story and move it to the background is by shifting attention.

Shift your attention toward the space. Not out there!

Turn your attention inward. This may take what feels like time, it’s not but it seems it is.

If you are reading this you are already on the pathless path, turning inwards