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What is Heartfulness Meditation?

An introduction and practical advice on Heartful Meditation.

Heartfulness Medtation is a form of meditation that transmits peace and love. Heartfullness can bridge the gap between the heart and the mind. When we stop focusing on the mind and merge with the heart, profound benefits may occure.

Heartfulness as it sounds, is filling the heart!

Heartfullness’s history dates back to the late 1800’s where a boy named Ram Chandra had a complete awakening at a very early age. If you are familiar with Hinduism, you might realize he shared the name with the seventh avatar Ramachandra of the god Vishnu.

As he started teaching heartfullness people would find themselves becoming awakened by this direct experience.

Before his passing in 1935 he named Babuji as his successor who simplified the practice and brought it to a wider audience.

What is unique about the practice is, just meditating with a trainer can bring instant enlightenment or awakening.

The Prana is said to be passed from the trainer to the student. This doesn’t mean it is the only way to practice, you surely can practice on your own.

The interesting thing is, the trainer doesn’t have to be in the same room, or even country as you. As long as you are meditation at the same time on the transmission of heart energy and light the effects will be the same.

Daaji is now the successor after Chariji’s passing (who was Bauji’s successor) and currently manages the heartfulness project.

I personally feel doing Heartfulness by myself is fine and the energy feels wonderful.

Free trainers are available in the resource section below.

How To Do Heartfulness Meditation?

If you don’t already meditate, please read our introduction to meditation article to become familiar.

Heartfullness meditation can be done in just about any position. While I recommend sitting, you can practice laying down, really whatever is most comfortable for you.

Follow the steps in the introduction to meditation and once you get to “Step 8: Transition over the next minute away from your breathing and just let thoughts flow.” continue with the heartfulness steps below.

  • Step 9: Begin focusing your attention on your heart. Feel it as a warm green light of energy entering your heart.
  • Step 10: Begin to repeat in your mind “Receiving and Transmitting Gratitude, Compassion, Peace and Love.”
  • Step 11: Continue repeating this with the focus on your heart, feeling the space within you expanding.
  • Step 12: Continue to do this for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 13: Slowly come out of this state by slowly feeling your presence of body return.

You will know it’s working because you will start to feel an expansion. The first few times I practiced it was almost too much. There was so much energy accumulating in my entire body, it felt like I was going to explode through the top of my head with energy. I to stopped after 15 minutes.

Continue Heartfulness meditation

Once you begin Heartfulness Meditation it’s important to do on a daily basis for at least 7 days. You may begin to feel more peace, love and compassion in your life sooner then this (some people report in the first few days).

I personally rotate the types of meditations I do on a weekly basis.

Heartfullness Meditation Resources

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