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Swami Rama Breathing Exercise: 2:1 Breathing Method

By Swami Rama

The second step I am going to teach you because there are many people who have been practicing and they’ve come from distance and they want to learn I want to teach but next time if you come I’m going to make you sit and see that you do it in front of me and if you don’t do it I am going to whip you.

Yes it’s too much level you start it from 3 then 4 then 6 then 8 then 10 then 12 then 14 then 16 then 18 like this go up to 30 not difficult but it should at least take six months time at least your body will not have any sort of toxins.

Your body will be disease-free your body will look like really and smooth body like silk you see and this will not mind when you are doing this mind is following it is a sort of training – mind too – are trained together.

To see if you are doing in society of this you are – you are training all your five fingers you see when you are doing this exercise mind is also being trained.

It’s a training of mind also because mind and breath, in my way in my opinion those who have who are committed to do sadhana who want to do sadhana should pay attention towards this method more than all naari shodhan and so this is higher nadi shodhana.

In which posture do you do that he just is savasana, put a pillow you come down, I’ll tell you bring that your pillow lie down here.

You know little pillow is needed because what happens without pillow sometimes gases disturb you know if your bowel movement was not regular if there was not enough roughage in your food if you did not chew the food.

You see so upon sadhana or the gastric problem can you nor disturb you little bit so that’s why this, now apply a SHINee mudra squeeze your bottom, gently squeeze your buttocks have done?

Definite no have you done what I said, now don’t think of it again close your eyes gently now do your diaphragmatic breath.

See what a system is diaphragmatic breath is basic and that leads to two or nasarah and the system is the same when you push in your abdomen you should exhale when you inhale it should relax just you need to relax during that time.

Push in as much as you can and relax gently let it come out exhale when you push in start an ailing when you relax so that more space is done.

Now this exercise first, now with that you do four exhalation and then eight and then now inhale four and then do it first thing you do when you start you do exhalation first to start with not inhalation exhalation.

Try to do an exhalation, first one or two times you can become breathless there’s no harm.

You know those who do not know yoga exercise in deep sense they think that in yogic process there are no you see aerobic exercises there. Peacock is like that because like that shoulder standing like that breathing exercises has a vigorous breathing exercises you can make your height rate very high you can lower down a rate.

No, there is no exercise in the world to lower down your rate, except yoga exercises but I believe that both exercises should be done aerobic, anaerobic.

Now mentally count, focusing your mind on the knave you have excelled now you are inhaling, now you are exhaling.

Now count one, two, three, four with this, seconds and without any thing you exhale eight.

If you find difficulty then it means you have gone you started too much, do it less three. Practice this.

When you go up to 30 you’ll find yourself as though you are floating, you feel that you are really floating you see you are already floating in the air though you are on the earth you are floating all yourselves are floating in the air.

This exercise is very help.  If two is inhalation four is it exhalation but this ratio you should be Gracefully doing it and on and often you should contact your teacher who teaches you ask him I feel this problem.

Sometimes you feel, (gasping)  like this it means you are trying to go beyond your capacity, take your time if you have patience to it for six months and continue this without anything you will have very good health your skin will show you how clean you is your body, how wonderful is your health.

Digestion will be improved, thinking will be improved, your memory will sharpen anyone can tell you that you, you are doing something which makes a very lively.  Okay then go there, now next step after you have done this try to minimize pause you have already attained counts don’t start it from the very beginning try to attain first thing and the second step minimize pause.