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Sitting Quietly

It’s up to you, where you are, how you feel and how quickly you want results.

Some may find sitting quietly easier than others. Maybe you do find yourself sitting quietly already, this is a great start.

If you are not finding a few minutes a day to simply sit, with no interruption, no music, no disturbances, then you should begin this practice.

Feel free to skip ahead if you just want to get down to actually Meditating through breath.

Yet, if you do just one thing to start making changes in your life, find a quiet place to sit straight up.

A chair is fine, the couch is fine, it is best to be sure your back is straight, there are many reasons for this and we will talk about those later.

Right now I just want you to find a nice quiet spot. If you can do this outdoors with nature would be best but not required.

Just pick a point and stay focused on the object. It can be anything, just fixate on that point and sit quietly for 5 minutes.

Any thoughts such as what you need to do for work, worrying about a deadline, start paying observing or noticing them as they come to those thoughts.

Observe but do not interact or react to these thoughts.

Do not try to solve or go deeper into any of the thoughts. This may feel difficult at first because until you start observing you will realize just how many thoughts are coming from our mind.

If you find yourself emerging, solving s problem or starting to worry, refocus by thinking of the object you’re fixated on.

The more often you practice this the more you will realize the immense amount of wasted energy being used by your mind conjuring up and spent interacting with these thoughts.

Practicing this daily will start to improve your focus and concentration in just a few days.